Fun Games to Teach Elementary Math Concepts

As a child, I was always more into games, puzzles, building and math than I was into drawing, reading or writing. In a nutshell, I am more left brain than right brain. The good news is my husband is the opposite - he is a voracious reader who has a way with words. So it is my husband who has taught our children to read while I look for fun ways to get them interested in math.

It was with this in mind that I collected up my favorite board and card games to teach elementary math concepts. I played many of these games as a child and our family now owns all of them. My children - just turned 5 today (!) and 7 years old - don’t even think about the time we spend playing these games as math work. We all have fun but without a doubt these games are helping them learn or practice various math concepts from basic counting and arithmetic to patterns and geometry to strategy and reasoning.

PS - If I missed any of your favorites, you can click over to my list on SkinnyScoop and add it there. I love discovering new games!