Halloween Trick or Treating by the Numbers

We live in THE neighborhood for trick or treating in San Francisco. When we bought our house two years ago, our disclosure package should have included some kind of language around the Halloween craziness that is Jordan Park. I’m not complaining - we have embraced it! We spent hours (days really) decorating our house with lawn zombies, cobwebs, hanging vampires and more. And we delighted in the feedback we got last night when trick or treaters told us “your house is the bomb.”

Since I love to crunch numbers, I thought I would do the math on our trick or treating experience. Keep in mind, this is just one house in Jordan Park!

Through Put
2 —————> hours from first trick or treater to last candy doled out
900 ————> total trick or treaters at our house *
1200 ———-> pieces of candy doled out
1.3 ————-> average pieces of candy per trick or treater **
7.5 ————-> trick or treaters per minute

1200 ————> pieces of candy doled out
$0.15 ————> cost per piece of candy
$180 ————> spent on candy
$500 ————> spent on decorations
$100 ————> spent on family costumes
$780 ————> all-in cost of Halloween

1200 ————> pieces of candy doled out
30 —————-> calories per candy
36,000———-> empty calories dispensed

* This year we only had 2 obvious adults (40+ years old) trick or treat solo.
** We handed out 2 pieces to first 300 trick or treaters until we got smart and moved to 1 piece for remaining 600 trick or treaters.