My Diet Coke Addiction By The Numbers

I admit it - I love Diet Coke. It’s the first thing I have when I wake up in the morning, it keeps me company on my commutes to and from work, it is always with me at my desk or near me at home. My children recently became obsessed with my Diet Coke intake. They are begging me to give up the habit, like it is smoking or heroine. I don’t put Diet Coke in the same category as those drugs but their pleas did give me reason to pause and consider how much Diet Coke I do drink. I love to crunch numbers so here is my Diet Coke addiction by the numbers.

8 —————-> Diet Cokes per Day
2920 ————> Diet Cokes per Year
204,400 ——-> Diet Cokes over my Lifetime assuming Current Rates

$2,190 ———> Spent per Year on DC
$153,300 ——> Spent over my Lifetime on DC
44% ————-> Portion of a Lamborghini I Could Buy
6 ——————> Years of Child’s Private School Education I Could Cover

274 ————-> Gallons of DC Consumed per Year
36 —————-> Bathtubs Worth of DC Consumed per Year
73 —————-> Years to Drink an Olympic-sized Pool of DC at Current Rates